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The era of myths gives way to an era of great turmoil…

The world of men is mired in an age of war which rages for year on end.

A band of elite mercenaries calling themselves Blue Fox arise amidst the flames and the chaos, their fates and valiant deeds to be sung of in ages yet to come.

But when all is said and done, will the name "Blue Fox" come to signify hope or darkest tragedy?


Andrias Rhondarson

Andrias Rhondarson

Voice Actor:Toby Regbo

One of the four heads of the Blue Foxes. He is a calm, cool, and resourceful leader.

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Distinctive features of the game

A deep and immersive story brought to life with the latest graphics. "Real Time Tactical Battle" (RTTB), a new, highly strategic, real-time battle system. The birth of a new SRPG, crafted by a skilled and experienced development team.
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